We know from Jesus teaching on prayer (such as at Matthew 6:7) that we should not assume that praying just means saying prayers – speaking. Jesus tells that we should not always think of prayer as the use of words, and if that is our preferred way of prayer, we should sometimes try to avoid talking too much.

I’d like to suggest that at its heart, prayer is an attitude, an orientation to life, to God. And if prayerfulness is an attitude, an orientation, what you might call a state of consciousness, it’s no longer necessary to worry about praying with words if you don’t have them to hand or at all.

We could have this mind whatever we happen to be doing – living in the awareness of the presence of God, of the Kingdom within.

Prayer then would be more about how we live our life. And so we might start to see a very direct connection between living a prayerful life and living a compassionate life. And that a life lived in this way, with this disposition and intention, could itself be prayer.


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